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Taking Message Centers to the Next Level

Quick One Messenger is synonymous with fast, reliable, personalized courier service — and more recently, Message Centers. We have managed the Message Centers in 120 West 45th Street and 100 Wall Street.

Offered by property managers and building owners as an amenity to tenants, a Message Center controls the flow of messengers within the building and keeps the building standards high. It adds:

  • Service – As an amenity to the tenants of the building, our Message Centers provided fast and trustworthy package intercept for all incoming and outgoing items. This enabled the tenants to work distraction-free, aided by our swift, efficient and friendly staff.
  • Security – all deliveries coming into the building from outside companies have to go into the Message Center as opposed to the tenant’s floor or suite.
  • Image – Quick One Messenger Center staff are courteous and well dressed in a professional uniform with nametag.

Professional, polite and efficient — Quick One Messenger has set the standard by which all Message Centers are measured. For more information on setting up a Message Center within your building please email us at or simply call us at (800) 834-7706 and speak with one of our friendly service reps.

“Quick One Messenger has been operating the message center in one of the Reckson buildings in midtown Manhattan for several years. Their personnel are consistently professional and friendly. The operation is streamlined and cost-effective, but fully gets the job done to complete tenant satisfaction. To date, there has been lots of positive feedback. This amenity increases the desirability of our premises for prospective and existing tenants and is what any property manager would want. Kudos to Quick One Messenger!”

Sandy Hahn, Property Manager, Reckson Associates at 120 W 45th St., NYC

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