Serving A Wide Range Of Industries: It’s All In The Details.

Quick One Messenger understands that it takes more than just messengers to deliver a package. Without insight into the nuances of an industry, a delivery can be delayed, if not lost. Proudly, Quick One Messenger is well versed on the finer details of several industries, including:

Banks – The security and speed required to handle packages for financial institutions.

Entertainment/Media/PR – The pressures in the entertainment/media PR industry and the deadlines that must be met for events and servicing their clients.

Hospitals – The care required in dealing with hospital traffic, including messengers with sense and discretion, as well as the ability to accommodate unpredictable schedule changes.

Legal – The “ins and outs” of courthouses, and how to get packages and court filings both in and out.

Real Estate – The carefulness in billing and invoicing needed for property managers and real estate companies.

Construction – Getting bids sent for construction companies, and the dire time sensitivity including not being either too early, or too late.

Offices – How to handle expensive computer equipment and valuable items for our clients.